sidekick 2 woes

I’m seriously considering going back to my Nokia 3595. To borrow a phrase from this thread in the forums, my Sidekick 2 has been nothing but a “backlit doorstop” since the upgrade over the weekend. It refuses to login to AIM, citing: “Signing On Too Frequently: There is a limit to how many times in a short period you can sign on with the same screen name. You have been signing on too frequently. Please try again later.” Meredith is having the same problem, unfortunately. What an upgrade.

Before the AIM silliness, my Sidekick 2 wouldn’t even ring on at approximately 50% of my calls and half that time wouldn’t even record voicemail, let alone notify me of new voicemail or SMS messages. I know part of this is T-Mobile’s problem, not Danger’s, but I am so frustrated! I rely on my Sidekick 2 as my only phone; I save expenses by not having a home phone at all.

I wish I could turn my Sidekick 2 in for a refund and get a Nokia 7610 like I originally planned.

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