not sew good

It is important to try new things.

That said, I am a horrible seamstress, and dreading going back to curtain-sewing class next week.

I paid attention and still nothing made sense, especially the pattern, which requires some spatial reasoning to comprehend. I am spectacularly lacking in that department.

It took me longer than everyone else – even the two friends who were goofing off – to wind the bobbin and longer to actually stitch anything. Let’s not even discuss turning corners. All of my corners look like lumps of evil.

Even the woman with so many diamonds on her left ring finger that surely, surely it must have been weighted down if not completely immobilized by that much weight was faster than me.

The instructor is very nice, but understands everything in such an innate way that I am left to fill in the blanks. And there are many blanks which accumulate with knotted thread in no time at all.

I am expected to return next Thursday with my fabric all cut and ready to be sewn, or, in my case, ready to be tortured slowly and unevenly.

My mother is an excellent seamstress, which makes me feel all the more lame for not getting into this. I suppose I always have knitting and crochet, but knit curtains are sort of weird. Not to mention the whole letting in light through the holes part.

At least I finally got my EarJams today, so my iPod earbuds fit my freakishly small ears. I will share the love later when I am less grumpy.

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