the last whatever

I found this list of lasts in an entry three years ago today. Feel free to play along!

  1. Last alarm set for: 07:30. Four hours of sleep, yay.
  2. Last gadget fiddled with: my Sidekick 2.
  3. Last music listened to: all of my TMBG on shuffle.
  4. Last irrational fear: that I will never be significantly published.
  5. Last procrastination: cleaning my office.
  6. Last beverage consumed: tepid bottled water.
  7. Last junk mail received: yet another Pottery Barn catalog.
  8. Last out-of-touch friend thought of: Adam. I am so glad he’s back in Chicago, even if I’m not there.
  9. Last picture viewed: a bumper sticker that read Jesus Saves … and only takes half damage.
  10. Last number called: my mom’s office.
  11. Last strange hope: that I could open a tiny rift in time to crawl inside and nap for three days. Or at least just until I get rid of this headache.
  12. Last email sent: to my dad.
  13. Last email received: from my dad.
  14. Last website surfed: boring as it is, the work intranet.
  15. Last daily regret: that I cannot, despite my best attempts, ever seem to do all of my laundry.

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