furious envelopes

“Do you have an envelope?” she asks, mildly annoyed at something I don’t know. “Like, to mail a letter?”

I nod. “I do, but it has a plastic address window.”

She grabs it from my hand. “You don’t have any other envelopes?”

I bite back the obvious: when I am giving you free office supplies, either don’t accept them or don’t complain about them. Instead I smile and say, “No. That’s it.”

“Ummm …” she looks around the circulation desk, as if I am lying to her, for other envelopes. I just watch her until she goes away.

The Embarcadero was flooded this morning, and the subway was quite slow. I did not want to make the trek into work, but I was glad I did, because my co-workers are super fantastic and I do like the quiet pre-student-infested library. Even with the rude patrons. Now I have an outlet for my library-related frustrations: the library_mofo community at LiveJournal.

My friend Jessi recommended Rob Dougan’s “Furious Angels” to me, and since I had an iTunes Music Store gift card, I decided to purchase it. It is moody and dark and perfect for such a rainy Friday.

‘Cause love, like an invisible bullet, has shot me down and I’m bleeding yeah, I’m bleeding and if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me
I sure hope tonight’s plans include EverQuest2. That will make me forget for a few hours that that this country is quickly turning anti-female.

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