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It’s good to be back at work.

Yes, I just typed that. And I meant it, too.

I may not always cherish my job, but I adore my co-workers, and I really missed seeing them regularly. Plus, A. is back after his ordeal with a bacterial infection (like mine) and ensuing open-heart surgery, and S. is back after his vacation in New Zealand. When K. gets back from Hawaii, the group will be assembled once more and I will be content.

Retro 51 Tornado I was very bad yesterday and bought myself yet another fountain pen. After meeting a terribly knowledgeable staff person at Flax, I let her talk me into a metallic peacock Retro 51 Tornado. It is, as you might guess, quite retro and dead sexy. The balance is simply awe-inspiring and the nib stays nice and wet. I simply must stop with the pen-buying, now that I have one for every day of the week. Next up: mixing my own inks. I have no idea where to start with that, so I’ll call that staff person at Flax for help. She mixed the most amazing dark burgundy ink for her own pen. At one point, she pulled out a leather zip-around case and showed me the most amazing vintage pen collection I have ever seen. I wish I had taken notes, but I was too busy drooling all over the glass counter. She almost talked me into the Pelikan m150.

I must stay away from Flax.

I just added “mix my own fountain pen ink” to my 43 Things. What are yours?

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