numa numa

It begins with a simple LOL in the subject line, and turns into an all-day meme fiesta.

My employee Robbie sent me this link, a video of a cute boy lip-synching to what sounded like an Eastern European pop song involving lots of “numa numa”. I am all about the numa numa, so of course I loved it.

But that was not enough for me! NOT ENOUGH! I need INFORMATION!

The song is “Dragostea din Tei” by a Romanian-Moldovan boy-band named O-Zone. Indisputable evidence of their boy-band-edness can be found in their music video. Whether O-Zone refers to environmental concerns or le petit mort, I have yet to find out.

This review speaks volumes: “With their clean-cut appearances, melodious songs, and warm singing voices – spiced with a hint of their native Moldovan accents – O-Zone became an overnight sensation in Romania with a number called ‘You Didn’t Answer My SMS.’”

What kind of person doesn’t answer O-Zone’s SMSes? Bitches, man.

[Edited to add: Not enough lip-synching for you? Chris Glass has more!]

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