running out of random

I am in an extremely random mood right now. My iChat statuses in the past hour have been:

I EAT FOOD IM SUCKS - BURMA SHAVE if you are reading this, you are chatting TOO CLOSE i’m going to see if i run out of things to say here nope, not yet you got your wifi in my peanut butter! tyra banks talks to armadillos you just can’t beat these prices i saw mommy kissing santa claus, or usher, one of the two my problem is the accessibility of technology when i am bored dogs barking can’t fly without umbrellas no one likes blinking 48-point verdana the pixies look as old as i feel if you can’t beat the system, beat an egg i never promised you a rose garden. wtf kind of promise is that? red rover, red rover, let mimi la rue come over! i have measured out my life with sporks
Time for you to play, too. Post something, anything, in a comment to this entry.

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