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If you enjoyed “Before Sunrise”, as I did, please do not see “Before Sunset”. It was extremely disappointing; Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have lost all of the spontaneity and gentleness that youth bestowed upon them. They have been replaced with ridiculously forced, stilted performances that do not speak at all to the wonder and excitement of the first movie. I was quite concerned to hear in the “behind the scenes” footage the possibility of several more movies with the same characters mentioned. There’s no need; we’re already bored to tears with them now.

After seeing a few DVD trailers, I’ve added “Trixie” and “Criminal” to my Netflix queue. The former hasn’t received favorable reviews, but it stars Emily Watson, whom I came to appreciate after “Punch-Drunk Love”. The latter stars John C. Reilly, who has yet to give a bad performance. He’s just marvelous: utterly watchable and completely captivating. He was by far the best thing to happen to “Magnolia”, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who, unsurprisingly, also wrote and directed “Punch-Drunk Love”.

By the way, I’m using ecto 2.1 to post this, putting the new Amazon support through its paces. I am happy to report that it’s doing just fine. Gregory recommended that I check out another of Adriaan Tijsseling’s programs called 1001, which is a desktop client for Flickr. It’s neat, but not interesting enough to me to run regularly.

Meredith alerted me to the fact that my web host, DreamHost, now offers one-click WordPress installation. Although I’m not unhappy with Movable Type, that offer is so tempting. If I didn’t have to move 6 years of entries, I might just do it.

That’s enough movie and web geekery for me. I’ve procrastinated my actual writing projects long enough. I am so easily distracted by shiny things … smelly things, too. It smells incredible in the MSG’s place right now, and I’m looking forward to cooking osso bucco with him later tonight. My baking project this week is pumpkin cheesecake with maple-bourbon sauce, to see if it’s good enough to make for our Christmas dinner this year. Hmm, maybe I should set up a WordPress blog for cooking projects. Hey, wait, I’ve managed to procrastinate even more. Nice!

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