damage control

My final graduate prose workshop reading last night was good. I didn’t get to choose what I read, so it happened to be a story I’m a bit weary of, context-wise. Still, I read well and had a good time. (I just heard that a few people in the audience were tearing up during my reading. Wow.) Not only did many friends wish me well via email, the MSG, Inkbot, Andrew, Steve, and A.J. actually made it to see me. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life.

Despite the success, and even after eight hours of sleep, I am beyond exhausted. This morning, I am having to triple-check everything one of my student assistants does. It’s not that he hasn’t been trained; he has, even more than any of my other students. He just doesn’t pay attention, doesn’t care, and doesn’t take any initiative. As a consequence, every single thing he does, he does incorrectly. It’s amazing to me; even my worst students have made honest attempts to do their work.

Running the circulation desk by myself is tough, but it’s even tougher when I’m having to do damage control at the same time. This job requires unlimited patience, intense attention to detail, and serious problem-solving skills, and all of mine are almost completely depleted at this point. I’m hoping that reading about how to survive creative burnout might help me a bit.

Please let me make it through this semester, through this week. Actually, I’ll settle for just making it through today.

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