stuff redux

On the heels of my materialism thread, plus a few glasses of wine (erp), I decided to create this post for those of you who don’t already know about Freecycle. The concept is that of recycling things you don’t need anymore by offering them to other folks in your community on local mailing-lists.

Obviously, my local group is SF-based. I feel sort of self-conscious about the process, and about my junk, so I haven’t posted anything to it yet. If only Delicious Library exported HTML! The rest of it requires, you know, thought and sorting through boxes of crap and all that fun stuff.

By the way, if you are in San Francisco and like prime rib, the House of Prime Rib is quite an experience. I don’t recommend it to my vegetarian friends, obviously, but for those of you who like meat, particularly prime rib, it’s an excellent place with unobtrusive, unassuming servers who randomly run by with metal baskets filled with flaming briquettes. My kind of people. Plus, the meat is very good, and it’s served with real horseradish.

Does anyone have any Fiona Apple gossip for me? According to, her third album, “Extraordinary Machine”, has been indefinitely shelved “due to the label not hearing any obvious singles”. I just downloaded two of the tracks from the new album from this site. Yeah, okay, they’re not “singles” so far as mainstream radio; this is just another example of mainstream radio promoting only mediocre music, because they’re beautiful, especially the title track.

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