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The iTunes Music Store. It’s so … bad. Make it stop. I bought both Fiona Apple albums because I haven’t had access to them in over two years, and I missed them very much. It was too easy to buy them! Then they were automagically sucked into my iPod! Argh!

Today, the MSG and I had Peasant Pies for brunch, then he got a haircut while I walked up and down Noe Valley, listening to “Fast As You Can” on my iPod and looking at all the cute dogs.

There are many beautiful things to want to buy in Noe Valley. I saw a bracelet of squarish moonstones, a cute black micro-fiber purse with lots and lots of pockets, and a floppy hat with a floppy flower on the brim. But I already have too many moonstones, and three black micro-fiber purses still in great shape, and my favorite little-brimmed hat.

Things I don’t need are still so alluring, but I’m dead out of storage space and need to start getting rid of things in earnest. I don’t know how to part with my little black rubber duckie because I bought it in Seattle last February, and it reminds me of that. I don’t want to give my myriad black purses to Goodwill because what happens when I need one that is exactly 7” by 3” by 10” with a cross-body strap? And just how much yarn should one casual knitter/crocheter keep on hand? Five skeins? Ten? I don’t know what sort of apocalypse I’m preparing for, other than a really cold one in which everyone’s lives are saved by handmade and slightly irregular scarves. And purses. O, and fountain pens. This is kind of a wimpy apocalypse, if you ask me.

Stuff confuses me. I want to own less, because I am tied to things I own, tendrils of energy (and worry, of course) going out in all directions. Really it would be ideal to trade in a bunch of stuff I already have for just a few things I truly need. Where is the craigslist for that?

I often test myself by going for a few weeks at a time with everything I think I absolutely need packed in a carry-on-sized bag. The bag sits in the corner of my room or in my car trunk. It contains a few pieces of clothing, books, mementos, and a first-aid kit. Sometimes I have to mess with it, but usually it just sits there, because I’m conducting another test simultaneously: putting everything I cannot live without on a daily basis inside my purse.

It’s an odd hobby.

So what would be in your carry-on?

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