who’s sorry

Yesterday, Greg wrote a thought-provoking post about “Sorry, everybody.” I don’t agree with him, but it certainly made me think, particularly about apologies and why they’re important to me.

The reason why I don’t agree with Greg is very simple: in my opinion, apologizing is not a sign of weakness, of weeniedom. It’s the opposite. I am a strong person, and yet I apologize for my failures. That’s not a waste of anyone’s time. If those of us who could have done more don’t take responsibility for that fact, and feel bad about the repercussions for the rest of the world, how are we going to improve in the next four years? This stage, this disappointment in our apathy and acceptance of the consequences, is just as important as the next one: kicking ass. Maybe you’d like to skip this step, but I wouldn’t. Without it, I’m merely hard and cold and vindictive without the nice squishy center of compassion.

And I heart you too, Greg, for more than my favorite post of yours. I heart you for making me think, and for being my “little online friend” despite disagreeing with me. So if I were sorry about linking to “Apologies Accepted” today, I’d want you to forgive me.

Good thing I’m not.

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