Nightmare-induced insomnia in turn induces this sort of list:

  • Sorry, everybody. (second photo down, I hope, because I am tired of updating this link)
  • I am officially crushing on Christian, whose LiveJournal I found entirely by accident through the also-endearing 108. Christian is so funny and brilliant and insightful and weird that I am actually pimping his journal. I laughed out loud at his Half-Life 2 review: “Shouldn’t this be called ‘Life’? Can someone check my maths?” I don’t even mind that he loves manga; this is how I know I’m crushing.
  • My Zombie Wounds look semi-human right now, and no longer weeping. At all. I have no idea what I did, but ferociously remaining positive seems to have worked, along with staying the antibiotic course and spending hundreds of dollars on gauze. I must upgrade their status to Annoyingly Itchy Patches of Oddly-Colored Skin.
  • Please take part in this important boycott.
  • One scotch is nearly always a good idea. Two is nearly always not. Especially after weeks of illness-induced sobriety. But it doesn’t become a not-good idea until your alarm goes off at 06:15 the next morning, because scotch is wondrous.
  • Delicious Library is every inch as awesome as rumored, especially the iSight barcode scanning. This software gives me a mental woody.
  • What kind of asshole commits to writing 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo while being in grad school, working full time, and recovering from Zombie Wounds? The me kind of asshole, that’s who.
  • URLs I saved from Boing Boing recently: the cutest house EVAR, creepy as hell dolls, 1337 Jeopardy, and octopus porn.
  • Gmail now POPs. Please stop whining.

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