gravatars and grad school

In case you’re wondering about the little domokuns that have invaded your comments, they’re the default Gravatars here. You can blame Meredith. I do, because it’s her fault she knows about all the cool toys.

I can’t believe how great my Zombie Wounds look today! My ankle is well enough for me to wear my boots again, with tons of gauze and other padding, of course. I take my last Cephalexin pill tonight. Now if only I could get the impetigo itchiness to cease.

I spoke up in my Christian and Muslim Faith seminar last night, to no avail, because as it turns out I really do have no idea what’s going on in that class. I do all the reading, I listen attentively to the discussions, and I take a ton of notes, but I must be missing some secret syllabus that everyone else received during the super-secret class meeting held on Floor 6.5. And my paper is due in a week.

At least I’m doing all right in my prose workshop. I think. I hope.

Is grad school like this for everyone?

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