back to work

It’s terrific to be back at work today. The library is still standing, plus it’s all decorated with Hallowe’en goodies, which has me in a bright mood. I love the autumn, especially October in San Francisco, warm days with lots of blue sky. Before work, I straightened up the MSG’s place this morning so he doesn’t have to worry about it this week. We made plans to go out of town for our anniversary weekend, and I can’t wait.

My health is improving, albeit slowly, with a minor setback last night of barely sleeping due to the extreme itchiness of all of my limbs. The MSG and I took it easy over the weekend, and I was grateful for that. We saw “1984” on DVD, which was a subpar adaptation of one of my favorite books, and “The Forgotten” in the theatre, which was the most boring suspense movie I’ve ever seen. In the MSG’s words, it was as if someone wrung out all the good stuff from an “X Files” plot and extended it an hour.

I am a bit sad to note that my new friend M will be moving back to Pennsylvania due to extenuating circumstances. Grad school won’t be half as fun without him, so I hope he comes back soon.

All in all, I feel very lucky today, lucky to be on the mend, to have a good job, and to be surrounded by people who truly care about me.

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