you go, impetigo

So I went to my usual Kaiser this afternoon and discovered that I have impetigo as a result of my staphylococcus infection. Woo. I got an injection of antibiotics and have a ten-day course of Cephalexin (a cephalosporin) to take. Already I’m less itchy and the fever is gone, but I’m still exhausted and weak, and need a case of yogurt to deal with the antibiotic-induced stomach rumblings.

At least I didn’t get very sick before the party at the MSG’s on Saturday. He cooked a ton of wonderful food and Inkbot mixed nummy drinks. We served smoked cheddar and fontina, smoked German chocolate, smoked halibut, Tuscan white bean purée, braised brussel sprouts, crudités with three dipping mustards, apple slices with chocolate merlot sauce, chicken cutlets with prosciutto and sage, and lots of homemade pickles (grape/jicama and turnips). I was really impressed with how we pulled it all together, and look forward to throwing more parties with him in the future.

Goodnight now. Don’t ever pick scabs! Wash your hands twenty times a day! Eat yogurt!

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