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What is throwing me off about graduate school is that I have extremely mixed feelings about it. One day, I’m elated to be participating in the program, and the next, I feel like it’s a colossal waste of time. The latter sentiment is not aided by the fact that my paperwork, despite being turned in on time and correctly, is utterly messed. After told that a course I wanted was too full, I registered for a different one. But I was wait-listed on that first course without my knowledge, and then promptly got in without my knowledge, so I had to drop it past the drop date and fill out an academic petition to make the “withdrawal” turn into a drop. As a result, I’m paying taxes on three credits I’m not taking; due to the tuition waiver and how it works, only a certain amount is covered tax-free, and the rest I have to pay taxes on. It shouldn’t have exceeded this amount until next year.

O, and I was overcharged on the registration fee.

There is a silver lining. I have not missed a class or an assignment; I am reading heavy non-fiction again, and somewhat enjoying it; I’m writing a lot more than before; I’m making a new friend; and I actually received a refund for the overcharged registration fee. That last bit was a nice little surprise, and along with the money I’ve been making with the tutoring sessions, I decided to go ahead and buy myself a little gift …

Sidekick II

It arrives tonight. I fear that my website will be in some trouble, since I’ll have a camera once again, and the ability to post on-the-fly. Mm, trouble.

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