friday off

Those of us who have participated in the offer have this to ponder:

“A Web site that gives away free iPod Mini’s to customers who participate in promotional offers is being criticized by its customers for failing to get them their promised portable music player and inundating them with additional spam e-mail. The company’s owners are defending their service saying they are shipping mini iPods, but that they can’t get enough to fill demand from Apple Computer.” [read more]

Today is my day off, since I’m working tomorrow. Despite the “Quantum Leap” marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel, I have been ridiculously productive, managing to clean my room for what I hope will be the last time because I really do not have the energy to do this again. Ever. Next time, I’m hiring people to come in and throw away things that serve no purpose. Sentimentality? Bah. Sentimentality is for wimps. So is laundry. I don’t even like any of these clothes, but still I wash them because I have even less impetus to take them to Goodwill. That would require washing them AND moving them. I can only wash. No move.

And because I have no energy left to do anything else, you need to read the transcript from Jon Stewart’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor”. Now that’s some good stuff.

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