I am extremely enamored with what is happening to me right this moment. The MSG and I are curled up in bed, he with his book and I with my homework. We are laying at right angles; he lies the usual way, head at the head, feet at the foot, but I am straight across the end of the bed in order to be close to an outlet for my PowerBook. Right now, his feet are kneading mine.

It’s not that it feels good, although it does. It’s that part of this quiet moment is how we are touching, and how it illustrates what I love most about us: that we are comfortable with each other, and with being intimate together in all ways.

Yesterday we went to the 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival in Golden Gate Park. I’ll have some photos from that when I get my film developed, particularly one of a gigantic fly on stilts. With a cabbage head. I’m not sure, but it was neat.

I had a lot of homework to do, so we’ve been spending a lot of quiet time separately in the MSG’s space, checking in on each other from time to time, but mostly working on our own things. This sort of time with him is invaluable to me. I need a lot of alone time, and this is a nice way to get it.

I’m revising my short story “Tequila Was Involved” to turn in for workshop tomorrow night. For next time, though, I have to write something completely new: that is my rule for myself.

By the way, I only need one more referral to get a free iPod! Thanks to the folks who have signed up.

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