wallet woes

Woe the First: TiVo, Inc. got a little confused and charged me for monthly service plus a lifetime subscription, even though my friends paid for a lifetime subscription for me along with the DVR itself. This didn’t just happen once, but twice; the first time both charges caused me to overdraw my bank account, so further fees were incurred. The good news is that various and sundry customer service folks have promised to me and to the person who spearheaded the TiVo For Halsted campaign that I will be refunded the full amount … which now totals over $650.00. [Update: What I thought was almost half of my refund yesterday was actually a gift from my dad. Oops.]

Woe the Second: My digital camera is gone, and I have to guess that it was stolen from my car when it was broken into in July, but I generally do not leave things of that level of value just lying about. Of course, I can’t afford to replace it, and instead am choosing to wait for the Nokia 7610 to come out, which will have a megapixel camera built in. If it ever gets to the U.S, and when I can afford it. I’m guessing in 2006 or so.

Woe the Third: The free iPod offer company has put my account on hold for what they are describing as potential referral fraud. I do not have any other information on what that might be, aside from coercing people to sign up, fooling them into signing up, or getting individuals to sign up multiple times with different email addresses — yet I did nothing of the sort. I cannot even fathom behaving in such an unethical manner, but of course their customer service department knows me not at all personally, so some funny business happened and they put my account on hold and now I might not get a free iPod after all, even though I followed all their rules, including signing up for a service I don’t particularly want or need. See, Darius: there’s your catch. I can’t afford a new iPod, either, so no more music for me on my commutes. [Update: Allura had a hold placed on her account, too … because of my hold! After each of us wrote to them to contest it, they removed the hold on my account. Thank goodness, because I’m only two people away from a free iPod!]

Woe the Fourth: I was feeling so down and out that I went to Macy’s and exchanged my new, semi-expensive purse for a much smaller one that was on sale, just to get most of my money back. The smaller purse will be just fine, I’m sure, but I was sad to have to give up a nice little luxury.

I’m tired of toys that break, get stolen, cost way too much, or charge me hundreds of dollars when they should be free. But most especially, I’m tired of being so damned broke all the time. Good thing I started tutoring again this week. Maybe I’ll be able to save up a little cash after all.

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