what comes after noon

I was greeted at the MSG’s door last night with a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers, plus delicious chicken coated with rice flour and cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass and onions. It was like he took out a huge can of Bad-Day-B-Gone and sprayed it all over the place. Even the DVD of “Matrix: Revolutions” was fun. Well, the part I stayed awake through was, at any rate. I saw it in its entirety last November while visiting Tucson and so I didn’t mind falling asleep in the first half of what I considered a really craptastic film.

This morning, we retrieved smoking supplies from the farmer’s market. Before you anti-tobacco lobbyists get all up in my shit, we’re talking cold-smoking meat and fish and other wonderful things. So now you vegetarians and vegans can get all up in my shit, instead. We’re going to make more jerky this weekend, plus smoke some salmon. Mm, smoked flesh goodness.

I am so excited because in under an hour we’re going to see “Garden State” just like I wanted and we’ll escape this ridiculous 90-degree heat, plus have popcorn with yeast. I hope my eye behaves so I can watch the film. My right eye is completely bloodshot and the lids are a bit swollen and it’s very strange; do you think I might have pink eye? The MSG says I am exaggerating, or maybe he used the word “paranoid” or he just thought it really loudly.

Daydreaming about someday living in Vancouver while chatting on IM with someone about it is just about the perfect Saturday afternoon pastime, along with sipping a nice glass of rosé from Bonny Doon. I hope all of my Burning Man friends are enjoying themselves in the desert, and that wasn’t sarcasm. It’s such a nice life, filled with pocket dogs and new book smell and mosquito bites and someone reading me jerky recipes. Yes, it is.

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