return and record

The room is growing dark and I still don’t have a summation of the trip composed. It was, in a word, extraordinary. I’m quite smitten with Vancouver, and look forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings here soon. But first I need some dinner and a few hours to pet Zen and catch up with my online life.

Photos will be posted in my travel gallery after they’ve been developed; I discovered that my digital camera was stolen from my car last month, so we recorded the whole trip with disposable cameras.

I’m off to play with my new TiVo. O, I didn’t mention that? Yes, well, the TiVo Fairy made a stop here today. I’m trying very hard not to be impressed. (Thank you, TiVo Fairy. You’re brilliant.)

[Update — Now that the TiVo Fairy has revealed her (collective) identity, I’d like to thank my very wonderful friends for such a generous gift. Thank you, Merlin, Uriel, Ergazork, helga, Druid, a781, Feaelin, chatty, izumi, tyee and OliverJones for my very own TiVo. With a product lifetime subscription, no less!]

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