signing off for now

Outback Jack picked the right girl! I have new hope for true love. Or something like that.

After releasing a bunch of residual work stress via website tweaking, I’ve got my journal looking and working the way I want it to again … just in time for vacation, sans computers.

Still to do before this afternoon:

  • move car by 07:00 so it doesn’t get towed
  • charge mobile phone and digital camera
  • choose books to bring
  • pick up more cat food and litter
  • clean Zen’s litter-box and clip her claws
  • get laundry detergent and quarters for last bit of laundry
  • wrap the MSG’s birthday presents
  • finish packing
  • kiss Zen and hug Inkbot goodbye
We’ll be boarding a plane for Vancouver in less than eighteen hours. See you in ten days!

[Update @ 07:26: You know, I’m missing the TMBG show at the Fillmore on Saturday. I was pretty grumpy about that … until just now, when I got tickets to see Them in Vancouver on Thursday! Best! Vacation! Ever!]

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