too good to be true

So much for my day off.

My car was broken into, little things like my squid stuffie and my ashtray (full of pennies) tossed around inside, driven two blocks and left in front of the Zen Center with the wheels curbed and the parking brake on.

A Zen monk watched me serenely as I cried my eyes out in relief that my car wasn’t completely stolen, just a little stolen and roughed up a bit. I’m sure it was a good object lesson for him: free yourself of attachments or you’ll end up like the woman bawling on the corner.

Now I’m out I don’t know how much money yet for the window replacement, and there goes my day. Thank goodness I remembered to take my stereo faceplate with me last night.

Also, my comments are still broken, so if you leave one and it doesn’t show up immediately, it’s because I had to approve it, even though I told the software not to require it.

I knew the day off was too good to be true; I knew moving into the City was too good to be true; and I knew upgrading to the latest version of Movable Type was too good to be true. What else, universe? What else?

[Update @18:15: one of my Moleskine notebooks, partially filled with my poetry, was stolen. I never keep it in the car and don’t know what inspired me to leave it in there last night. And it’s gone, pages of writing gone, so much that I can’t remember and can’t get back. The window has been fixed, however, thanks to the MSG’s indefatigable generosity, and dear Inkbot bought me lunch from Thepin and presents from Friend to cheer me up. I’m cleaning my room and recovering.]

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