signs of life

As someone who is obsessed with signage in her current position, I adore Signs of Life. My favorite sign is on a Comfort Inn in Minnesota.

Meta-update: TypeKey is still not working, but now at least you should be able to leave a comment without me having to approve it. The individual entry pages should look right again. My webcam is back on periodically, and I updated my “about” page recently.

And a link donated by the MSG this morning: “Seriously.”

I’m in a better mood today. Last night I spent a few hours bashing on my website, which I noticed is my very 21st-century stress release. The MSG suggested utilizing my Friday off to spend time just for myself, which sounds good to me, although I feel a bit guilty about the idea. I tend to be great at looking after others’ needs and horrible at looking after my own. But tomorrow I am going to start learning how to be better at it, so I will be visiting the ocean, and perhaps the Blue Danube and Flax and Lush as well. Maybe I will take some photos. Most likely I will just sit quietly and be, with the mobile ringer off and nowhere near a computer. This time tomorrow, I should be much more centered and happy.

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