the epitome of suck

I walked out of my apartment building this morning, took two steps, and a pigeon shat on my hand.

The light rail was packed. And by “packed” I mean “barely enough room for me to squeeze into a car and be shoved up against someone who groped my bum”.

I’m working on the most boring documents ever today, and I’ve come to the realization that my job consists of “solving” issues that just end up unresolved a month later. I hate repeating myself, and here I am doing it every day.

A reasonably well-dressed female human screamed at me during my lunch break when I refused, politely, to drive her a mile in the opposite direction. “That’s because I’m a TERRORIST and I’m going to BOMB YOU!” she spat, then mumbled sarcastically, “Have a nice day. God loves you.”

I forgot my gym clothes at home. When I sit, I can feel my tummy bunching up on itself. So grossed out.

I work the late shift tomorrow and the Sunday shift. Friday I have to clean my room, but I hope to visit the ocean at some point. I need the recharge.

The only thing that’s gone right today is my successful upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type. It utilizes TypeKey, which is sure to piss some of you off, but tell me tomorrow. (TypeKey is currently broken for reasons I cannot ascertain. The individual entry pages look like shit, too.)

Great job on the triolet assignment, folks. Here is one of mine, apropos of the day I’m having:

You have to ask for what you need Instead of sulking all day long. This kind advice I rarely heed: You have to ask for what you need. It’s not that difficult a deed To put right what is going wrong. You have to ask for what you need Instead of sulking all day long.
And by “you” I of course mean “me”.

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