I should go to bed but there is a cold, spiky ball of upset in my stomach. In an effort to cheer myself up, I will list my Thursday accomplishments.

  1. I woke up on time. (Not a big deal for most people, but a big one for me.)
  2. After fetching a mocha from Café Tartíne, I got four loads of laundry done, took out the recycling, and worked on the first draft of my statement of purpose — all while getting ready for work.
  3. I made it to the ferry with time to spare.
  4. I brought lunch to work, made possible because it was payday.
  5. I worked on a bunch of things that are due Monday so I don’t have to worry about them over the weekend.
  6. I was asked by the head of I.T. to check out the new image for all the workstations in one of our labs, and consequently asked if I would check out all new images in the future. (Big ego boost!)
  7. I connected with two strangers. The first was a patron looking for a book I am intimately acquainted with, called How to Do Your Own Divorce in California. She has been frozen in fear about taking care of the paperwork, so we spoke for a few minutes about the book and the process. I told her to call me back anytime if she needed encouragement. The second was a visually-impaired incoming frosh whose ebullience about her first semester at Dominican totally bowled me over. She also showed me her rad Braille computer and explained how it worked. I can’t wait to see her around the library in August.
  8. I taught the reference librarians how to collect in-house usage statistics on our reference materials.
  9. During my dinner break, I compiled, bound and delivered another part of my graduate school application: my creative writing portfolio.
  10. I also signed and turned in my tuition waiver paperwork.
  11. I clarified that my second letter of recommendation won’t be coming in until the first week of August, and got approval on that.
  12. I remembered to eat dinner, too.
  13. I gave my tutee a writing assignment in order to prepare her for the TOEFL.
  14. At the desk, my friend Patrick — who is also a student assistant at the library — solicited my opinion about extraterrestrials and I gave it without second-guessing myself or feeling squidgy about it.
  15. After driving back into the City, I found a really good parking space. And it only took about thirty minutes.
  16. I was a good listener to Inkbot before she went to bed.
Despite all of these things, I screwed up one major thing today — the thing that is upsetting me — but I am going to try to let go of it so I can get a little sleep. Good night.

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