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First things first: I have four more Gmail invitations to give away, so post a comment here if you want one. I’m getting about five every two days at this point. Storage update: You are currently using 13 MB (1%) of your 1000 MB. Awww yeah, baby.

I am content to be a slugabed right now, at the tail end of this cold, and in the MSG’s ever-comfy bed with a mug of Graffeo coffee. My lounging companion is more upright than me, tending to some SW:G duties, whereas I am simply mucking about while reading my RSS feeds. Shortly, we’ll venture out into the sunshine toward the farmer’s market and the rest of our day.

This is the life.

Good news: I got into the writer’s workshop I was so thrilled to find! The instructor and I played phone-tag for a while before finally conversing, and I decided during that conversation to go for the eight-week workshop instead of the single Saturday one. It’s going to cost significantly more, but it’s worth the hit to my budget. The workshop starts Tuesday night and I’m beside myself with excitement.

Yesterday, as per his request, I gave mice his first poetic forms assignment: the haiku. Even though I’m the teacher, my forms could always use some work, so here are my three haiku.

black biker jacket: too warm for farmer’s market sunshine off crisp waves

window left open ushered in a mosquito — slap scratch the itch quick

bare arm to bare arm — sticky subway in summer keeps strangers too close

Want to play, too? Remember: the haiku contains 17 syllables in lines of 5, 7, and 5, and should include a seasonal theme. Also, the “cutting” — a cohesive distance between one of the lines and the two others — should be denoted with a colon, m-dash, or ellipses. Post yours here!

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