tears and email

It does no good to be sopping up tears in the middle of a library in a beautiful place.

Yet I am, after reading this story.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m listening to Télépopmusik’s “Genetic World” album under the influence of cold medicine.

I wish I weren’t so ridiculously sentimental.

Anyway, I really posted to say congratulations to Yahoo! Mail users, who now have 100 MB of storage for free, and 2 GB for $19.99 a year. The interface has been “improved” as well; now I have vertical lines through everything. That’s in Firefox on WinXP; I haven’t tried it out in another browser or OS yet. It’s dead slow, too.

I much prefer Gmail, especially when I login to see: You are currently using 10 MB (1%) of your 1000 MB. And yet the lovely Gmail has already been pwned by You’ve Got Post, which offers 1 TB of storage and no ads.

All of this makes my little .Mac email account, with 15 MB of storage for $100 a year, seem pathetic.

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