unfocused fiddling

Last night, I baked a hot fudge pudding cake. It turned out well, despite the MSG calling at the exact moment I had chocolate melting on the stove while I was whisking vanilla, sugar, salt and the yolk of an egg together. He has impeccable timing.

The ooey-gooey fudgy underbelly of the soft and nummy chocolate cake was the best part, I think. Vanilla ice cream compliments its dark, rich taste rather well. I was quite proud of myself for making something so delicious on my first foray back into the baking world.

After baking, I stayed up too late fiddling with stupid little things, like rearranging fountain pen ink in alphabetical order of color name, and dividing up books beside my bed in order of how much I want to read them at night. Oddly enough, Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren is back up on the top of the stack, after stalling out at page 122. We’ll see. I’ve been having a horrible time reading lately. I’ll read a few pages in something that should be quite interesting to me, but instead it will leave me totally cold. It’s quite disconcerting, losing my fondest hobby like this.

Maybe this is an issue of focus, and nothing more. I’ve been severely overstimulated since moving to the City. My life before was dominated by evenings spent totally alone, speaking to no one, reading for hours in silence. Now I have the ridiculously loud upstairs neighbors vying for my attention along with the strains of the ever-seductive Sci-Fi Channel. Also, I have to adjust to living with someone again, because I haven’t wanted to be antisocial by retreating into my room directly after work, but I sense sometimes I need to do just that.

At any rate, the initial reason for my post was to share some links with you. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at this, thanks to Aaron M on Tribe:

Polyarmory is the belief that people can, and should, use multiple pieces of armor to suit the specific types of combat they engage in and to provide the specific types of protection that they require. Chainmail, kevlar, leather, buckler, palders, studded, steel, helms, helmets, ceramic, hazmat, bullet-proof vests, gasmasks, kneepads, athletic cups; be honest with yourself about the types of armor you desire and then go out and wear it! You foes will respect you more, and you will be happier with yourself.

Transcend the outdated mono-armory model!

I’m also enjoying the 50 Coolest Song Parts and

Would you like an invitation to Gmail? Let me know. I’ve already asked a few people individually — and been informed exactly Why Gmail Is Satan — so spare me the lecture. Just say yes if you do. Cheers.

Edit @ 20:53: I’m out of Gmail invitations for now. Enjoy, folks!

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