I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Yesterday was a profoundly bad day with a few nice bits. Virtual commiseration is strongly encouraged.

It began with our extremely noisy upstairs neighbors hosting the 2004 International Clogging Competition and “Troy” Reenactment, starting sometime after I got home from work and continuing past midnight. The police were called by someone else in the building, that’s how loud it was. My sleep schedule, already precarious, was thereby screwed.

I got to the Muni station to find out that no one was manning the ticket booths so I couldn’t use my transfer and had to buy a fare instead.

After getting to work, I spoke with my former landlady, who informed me that there were scratches and stains on the hardwood flooring in my old studio, so I went by there to check these out. They are indeed more than normal wear-and-tear, and so these spots will need to be sanded down and resealed. I attribute this problem to the fact that the house is made completely of natural, biodegradable materials, which just don’t withstand repeated interaction like chemical-heavy, human-made things do. I am hardly a large or abusive person, but the flooring is fucked in places, and I’ll have to pay for it. So there goes the security deposit, plus my general peace of mind until it’s over. While I was there, my former landlady asked me to move my remaining few boxes out of the studio (even though I was going to do this Friday after work) and so I did, working up a sweat doing so, and crying a little.

In the afternoon, a faculty member took some unnecessary pot-shots at me and my expertise because she was feeling pissy and therefore justified in pissing on me. I went into the bathroom and cried in order to avoid throwing shit around my office.

Nice bit #1: My coworker gave me a photograph that he took of me and the MSG at a barbecue last Sunday. It’s a great photo, mostly because the MSG has his “I have a halo; can’t you see it?” face on. I looked at it all afternoon and felt a little better each time.

On the ferry ride home, a group of six college-aged Giants fans decided to mess with me. I sat down in my usual spot and closed my eyes for a short nap. The group of guys sat down at a table close to me, and were talking loudly, so I got up to move. Two minutes later, they all got up and moved to a table as close as possible to where I was sitting. Mind you, this was a reverse-commute ferry, so there were maybe 20 other people on a ferry with a capacity of 200, so it wasn’t a space issue. They were deliberately messing with me, as I confirmed when I looked over at them and they were all staring at me and pointing and snickering. I got up and moved upstairs, somewhere they could not sit near me. Fucking Giants fans.

Nice bit #2: After I got home, a friend of mine came over and saw my new flat, then accompanied me to dinner. Later, we geeked out with our Mac laptops and shared a bunch of music (legally, HELLO) and talked. She met Zen and Inkbot and we all had a lovely time. Plus, Inkbot brought home strawberry cheesecake. I really, really needed that, after my day. The cheesecake, I mean. O, and the friend stuff, yeah yeah, that too.

A few minutes ago, I found out that her car window was smashed while she was parked in my neighborhood. Nothing was stolen; it was just smashed.

Nice bit #3: Probably simultaneously as my friend was discovering the smashed window, I called the MSG and he proposed wonderful Memorial Day plans, plus he made me laugh by talking all weird and then claiming not to be talking all weird. I’m a sucker for his weirdness. Afterwards, I went upstairs and spent some nice moments with Inkbot before we each turned in for the evening. I put the aforementioned photo in a little frame right beside my alarm clock, and had no problems falling asleep.

And now I’m up, for no obvious reason, just wide awake after going to bed early. And yet …

Nice bit #4: It’s raining. I know it’s not Thursday anymore, but I love the rain, almost as much as I love ending a negative entry on a positive note.

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