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Time for a meta-entry. All your comments have been great; I still haven’t figured out my threaded comments and the like, so I’ll respond here:

  • Michelle said, “Congrats on moving! What made you decide to not live alone anymore?” Well, it wasn’t so much a decision not to live alone as it was a decision to move back into the City, where I lived for one short month upon arriving in San Francisco over four and a half years ago. I enjoyed living alone tremendously, but I’m ready to share a nice flat with a good friend in my favorite place.
  • Earl said, “But … but … but … you had mentioned that you are so happy living only a few minutes from work.” While I am no fan of commuting on the 101, I have an ingenious scheme for getting around this. It involves manipulating my beloved public transportation into doing my evil bidding. Also, the ferry! More on this later.
  • To everyone who had suggestions on how to deal with Comcast: Thank you! The MSG came up with the same solution before I posted about this, but I haven’t sat down with my new roommate to discuss it yet. It impacts her too, and she works from home and has some tech requirements, so I want to make sure I address all of those.
And now, more about my ingenious commuting scheme, because I’m so damned proud of myself for thinking of it.

On Monday morning, I drive all the way from the City to where I work. After work, I drive to the ferry terminal. I take the ferry into the City, walk to the Muni station, take the light rail to the station 2 blocks from my new flat, and walk home. The rest of the week, I commute this way, until Friday evening, when I drive my car into the City so I have it for the weekend’s gallivanting.

Here’s why I am willing to do all of this:

  • I save money. I’m only paying a few bucks for a ferry ticket, with the discounted commuter rate, and Muni transfers are included in that price. I only pay the $5 bridge toll once a week. I only go through a fraction of the gas.
  • Parking in the City is insane. Let me rephrase: parking in the City is completely insane. It’s much safer and less stressful for me to park my car at the ferry terminal up in Yuppieville and only worry about City-parking on the weekends.
  • I create Enforced Reading/Writing Time for myself. Very, very important, since now I live in a flat with a television and have already been distracted by it.
  • I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with public transportation. If you don’t get that about me already, you won’t.
  • Walking is good for me. Not only is it good for my health, but it makes me happy to walk around and look at things and experience people around me without having to talk with them or help them find books.
And just for kicks, I found my first mention of my new neighborhood, written in November ‘00. Nice to see I’ve been on the right track.

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