MT3 and Me

Well, well, well. I wasn’t especially looking forward to the release of Movable Type 3.0, because as everyone knows, I have the patience of an enraged bonobo when it comes to upgrading software fixing my website anything at all. Looks like I’m not the only enraged bonobo in the blogging jungle these days. It’s kind of cute, watching other people get so upset. When it’s me, not so cute. Other people: cute!

Granted, I don’t want to pay for this. I donated to Six Apart not too long ago because I’ve used Movable Type for so long and been sincerely pleased with it. But I see a lot of people complaining who are running 15 blogs with 50 authors, and wonder what’s so wrong about shelling out a little cash for licensing software in bulk applications.

Even though I am loathe to quote Heinlein: TANSTAAFL, folks. No new version for me, at least not until after the poo-flinging has ceased, and no migration to WordPress or the like, because I’m really, really tired of having to think about my website. No, this bonobo shall chill, and focus on filling 25 16”x12”x12” boxes with all of her belongings. Everything else gets tossed out of the tree.

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