writing about writing about politics

I was going to write a semi-indignant response to the Guardian article entitled “Is blog a masculine noun?” But Peter already said what I have to say about writing about politics.

Okay, maybe he didn’t say everything I have to say …

A few months ago, I started up a weblog with a political bent, after purchasing a new domain name and signing up for a trial of TypePad. I posted maybe three times and only showed it to the MSG, who is incredibly well-informed politically and my personal reference book on current events. He thought it was pretty cool; I didn’t. Why didn’t I? It lacked passion. I am passionate about the smaller things in the world, the simpler ones. This is not to say I’m apathetic, because I’m not. Back to what Peter wrote: “The older I get, the more I find myself in the grays. In college, I was a certain socialist; in my early 20s, a doctrinaire libertarian. But having experienced more of the world, and grown up a little bit, I am now less certain.”

I care like I used to care, I just don’t know like I used to know.

But I still resent the hell out of surveys that delineate behavior down gender lines.

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