juror furor

Although I will only be living in this county for nine more days, I have been summoned to jury duty.

The rest of my life has been consumed by packing, so I will leave you with an excerpt from my last adventure into the jural fray:

Okay, so maybe I should try reading. I get the book open, and re-read half a page earlier (necessary, for Tolkien) and get caught up and into it and my name is called. So I hop up, gleefully ripping off my “juror’s badge” (read: tiny slip of paper from the jury summons) and march up to the counter. The badge is stamped in a tired and sad manner and a plastic badge-holder is thrown at me. I insert the tiny slip of paper into the plastic holder, attach it to my blouse, and we are off! On our way! Lining up on our way to the Courtroom! Where Justice Happens!

I really was thinking in exclamation points all day. Well, until I wore myself out. But we’re not there yet. [more]

Do courthouses have wifi these days?

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