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time to go

I keep thinking I’ll have time to post about my trip to Tucson, and then something else comes up. At least there are photos.

Tonight I decided to celebrate by going to my favorite Indian place and having my favorite dish. When I came out of the restaurant and arrived at my car, someone had tucked a brilliantly red rose underneath my left windshield-wiper.

Creepy stalker possibilities aside, I thought it was awfully sweet. Thanks, random rose-giving stranger.

secret rose

This is a backwards entry. I didn’t tell you what I was celebrating, did I?

Zen and I are moving to the City.

tries to refrain from bouncing in her seat, and fails miserably

Tuesday night, I went to see Inkbot’s flat again, even though I thought it was darling the first time I saw it. Inkbot and I wanted to chat and see if rooming together was really a doable thing. As it turns out: yes, yes it is. I broke the news to my landlady and now it’s time to pack and clean like a robotic fiend. It seems like I was just doing this, but it would have been one and a half years ago in June. The plan is for Zen and me to be entirely moved in by 23 May.

I keep wondering if I’m ready to live in the City, but then I remind myself: I’ve been ready for almost five years. It’s time to go!

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