ms. xcitement

This day has been more exciting than I can handle.

First of all, I found out more about the Master of Arts in Humanities program at my school. It looks fabulous, and I got even better news when speaking with an admissions counselor. This fall, they are adding a brand-new track to the MA in Humanities: a creative writing emphasis. Hell yes. I filled out my application on the spot. Now I just have to get my letters of recommendation, personal statement, transcripts, and creative writing portfolio together. It’s looking really good, folks.

In email, Victor informed me that he finished my ‘BlogTone, which I think is just the cutest little groove! Go listen; it’s a Flash hoomiejobbie in the sidebar on quill’s index page.

After work, I picked up my laundry – which I had dropped off at the cleaners on Monday because I am lazy, yet wanted clean clothes for my trip this weekend – and came home to a phone call from my landlady. It seems she might be selling the house before my lease is up at the end of August. So I let her know that I was intending to move into the City anyway, and sooner is better than later, as long as there are no problems between us with the terms of the lease. She said there wouldn’t be any problems at all. So … I’m officially looking for an apartment in the City, with a target move-in of 1 June. If you know of one, my requirements are: one cat permitted, parking, laundry on-site, and DSL. (I’m never going to find a place, am I? Time to scour Craig’s List.)

Then I went to get my hair cut and brows waxed, and my NP called to tell me that some further culture testing showed I have developed a resistance to the antibiotics I’ve been on. Now I have to run to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription of Cipro, then come home and pack like a fiend, and maybe, just maybe make it out to see a friend play at Sweetwater.

Or maybe I’ll just come home and eat a can of tuna with wasabi peas and call it a night.

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