candy cane in april

In the pet store earlier this evening, I watched a small child eat a candy cane and thought to myself, “There is nothing sadder than a candy cane in April.”

After giving one of my friends a pep talk on finishing out the semester with a bang, I realized I had mentioned the Masters in Humanities program at my school no less than three times today. So I went to look at the webpage.

And thought to myself, “There is something sadder than a candy cane in April, and that’s not taking advantage of free tuition.”

Seriously, though. I have no idea when San José State University will get its act together on the MLIS front, and my interest in becoming a “full-fledged librarian” has waned considerably. What hasn’t waned is my passion for the humanities, and for writing, and my deep-down belief that while academia is definitely not what it used to be, it’s still something.

So perhaps, come summertime, I’ll be back in school again after all. We shall see.

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