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One of my employees is very ill today, so I’m at home for a while before heading back to close till 23:00. Fun. I had to cancel dinner plans with the MSG, but maybe this will break my insomnia into little pieces.

I signed up for Dodgeball, which is, to quote my friend Ryan, “creepy and cool at the same time.” Now I can email the service from my mobile with my current location and it will broadcast my location to all of my friends who have signed up and been approved. It will also let me know if any friends-of-friends are within ten blocks of me.

Creepy, yet cool.

Which reminds me: T-Mobile now carries the Nokia 6600, which I was lusting after before the MSG showed me the 7610. And then it was just all over.

[Update: I had to add this review and this gallery of the Nokia 7610 from MobileBurn. I’m actually drooling now.]

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