Mm, another lovely weekend. If I’m not careful, I’ll make a habit of this. Er, too late!

Friday evening found the MSG and I back at Mars, which is a nice place to go for a Cosmopolitan and some light banter. We sat outside on the patio and chatted while six attractive women in skimpy black outfits started to rehearse some sort of dance moves while two guys with a camcorder filmed them. Later, we’d find out that they were a dance troupe performing a happy-birthday dance for their friend, who turned 21 that night. It was a cute little choreographed number to some pop song I didn’t recognize. Fun diversion, but the conversation with the MSG was worlds more interesting. He left his keys at work, so we went back there and ran into one of his coworkers, and the three of us talked for a while about dating in San Francisco. The short of it: avoid it if possible, since shallow behavior seems to be the norm. But isn’t that everywhere?

Saturday I had to head back homewards for work, covering for one employee whose father flew in from Ireland to spend the week with him. It was a quiet library day, aside from the usual non-student patrons who always make things a bit interesting at closing time. Afterwards, I drove back to the MSG’s and we made this utterly fantastic Southwestern chowder, served with some serious tortillas that were about a quarter of an inch thick. I had two helpings, it was so good! While eating dinner, we watched “The Legend of 1900” and both enjoyed it tremendously. It’s the story of a child born on a cruise ship who grows up to be a gifted pianist. I don’t want to give anything else away; Tim Roth is, as usual, terrific.

Sunday we woke up and pickled things! We made another recipe from the Quick Pickles cookbook, this one involving corn and watermelon radishes and green beans and gherkins and bell peppers. Mm, I can’t wait to try them. After we finished pickling, we had brunch at Elite and both overate. I felt a bit zoned out as we drove around, looking for a proper Bloody Mary spot, settling for The Big Four. (Not enough horseradish, but passable.) Then we went to the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race. It was over so quickly, but it was fun to watch. Next year, I want to participate!

Back at home, we tried to watch “Wings of Desire” but couldn’t get into it. I believe “City of Angels” was a remake of it, and I really did want to enjoy the original as much as I enjoyed that one, but it didn’t happen. Maybe we were still too somber from the movie the night before. Anyway, we gave up and went out to see “Shaolin Soccer” and laughed until we cried. And then I got my ass handed to me in chess, so I went home, sulking. Well, not really. But damn, the MSG is good at chess. My consolation prize was some of the Southwestern chowder to take home for dinners this week. I am exercising serious restraint in not sampling some right now.

Bed now. Zen needs snuggles; I need sleep.

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