yet another book club

Is it just me, or does Zooba – which appears to be a sort of Netflix for bestselling books – look like a really souped-up Book of the Month Club deal? And when I say “bestselling books”, I mean that in my usual book-snob way. Titles like The South Beach Diet by by Dr. Arthur and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura are on the list of bestselling books you can own for only $9.95 each. That’s right: no matter how crappy a book is, YOU get to pay only $9.95 for it!

Haven’t people ever heard of a library? At least you don’t have to pay for crappy books there.

And o, look, Zooba appears to be owned by, which is a trademark of Doubleday Direct, Inc. What a surprise.

I wish I could blame my snottiness on being sick, but after crashing for a few hours, I seem to be feeling much better. No, this is just my usual “dumbing down of America” and “most bestsellers are formulaic pap” combo rant. You like that one. C’mon, you do.

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