Dude, spam!

Ow. Pain. Too funny. Read this MMORPG humor post now. Dude! (Thanks to John for the link.)

Today the MSG and I bought some thyme, oregano, basil and lettuce plants today at the ferry plaza. We also bought some cucumbers to pickle; they are currently brining because that apparently makes them crunchier. Brunch at MarketBar was uninspiring, but I discovered another place that carries my favorite soap. Simple pleasures.

There must have been a spam convention over the weekend, because I received about ten times the normal amount. Did anyone else experience this? As usual, I submitted all of them to SpamCop, but I’m getting really tired of this. I know one person who uses Knowspam, which I think POPs email through a remote server. I can’t use SpamAssassin because my email account is through .Mac. Any suggestions?

Thank goodness I’ve already installed MT-Blacklist, which should eliminate the instances of comment and TrackBack spam here.

While I’m soliciting comments from the peanut gallery, would someone fill me in as to why “House of Sand and Fog” was nominated for anything other than Best Fuck-up of an Entirely Interesting Premise? What a waste of talent that was. “Matchstick Men”, on the other hand, was quite enjoyable, despite the dissatisfying ending.

Another workweek begins in just a few hours. Do I dare look forward to it? I’m almost done with my diet of antibiotics and cranberry juice. Zen is yowling for me to pay attention to her after quite an eventful week away. It’s time to curl up with her and dream of a spamless future … and better movies on my Netflix queue.

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