fools and books and beets

Although I spent most of April Fool’s Day laid up in bed with a nasty little illness I would wish on none of you, I enjoyed reviewing’s Internet Jackass Day 2004 post. The Homestar Runner one is not to be missed.

I started reading Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram in the car ride to Fresno, and it’s delightful. I also started Ella Minnow Pea, which I got excited about after hearing an interview with the author, Mark Dunn, on NPR not too long ago. (I think I’m addicted to NPR, by the way. Annoying but true.)

Someone woke me out of a fitful sleep earlier, and I was glad for the interruption, but I really should get back to bed as I’m heading into the City tomorrow with Mom, and then in the evening she gets to meet the MSG over dinner at Citizen Cake. I have to rest up because the same someone who woke me up informed me that the dinner menu contains beet lasagne. Time to chug more juice and pop more antibiotics so I’m able to keep up!

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