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Second Life, First Post

When I ponder over a decade of muds, mucks, and mushes, it’s hard for me to imagine wanting to experience anything other than a text-based virtual environment. After all, I have always been in love with words.

And then I think of Second Life.

Cygnoir and Jopsy, Tree Isle of Teal

I like having someplace to go like this Tree Isle of Teal. I like having a friend like Jopsy to visit, watching fireflies from our perch in a giant tree-swing. And we can talk, or we can sit silently and watch the sky deepen into dusk.

Second Life is the perfect place for an introvert, because she can spend hours roaming the various lands and never have to interact with another being. She can fill her head with foreign incantations in an attempt to create the smallest of useless objects. She can ride a cable car and watch the world pass by.

cable car ride

While I am quite enamored with my first life, my second one provides me with some much-needed respite from the endless bursts of information, of motivation, of keeping busy. Whereas fiddling with my website often winds me up tighter than when I began, Second Life unwinds and soothes me, even if I’m competing in a trivia match or having a challenging discussion with a stranger. The interaction is all on my own terms, and because it isn’t so text-focused, I can distance myself from it. Interesting that I feel more distance in an immersive graphical environment than I ever did on a muck.

I will miss the text-only creations of mucks as they each turn into their own Brigadoon, but I am eager to grow into these brave new worlds. It’s time.

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