o, it fell

This is a sad little public service announcement.

My nice little color-screened tri-band Samsung S-105 mobile – the one that traveled to Europe with me – died without warning this morning. I’ve dropped it maybe thrice over the past thirteen months, and this morning both the inside and outside displays just stopped functioning altogether. I shouldn’t bond with gadgets, I really shouldn’t, because when they stop working I take it as some sort of personal affront, like someone ending the relationship because they Need Space or Don’t Like My Jokes or Think I’m Too Lame To Be Seen With.

Issues? Me?

So I scrambled to find, charge, and SIM-ify my old Nokia 3390, the one I got for free when I signed up with T-Mobile. If you’re trying to reach me and I don’t answer, it’s because I’ve forgotten how to answer the call. It’s a tank, at least, which means it should carry me over the weeks, months, or years before the Nokia 6600 is available to peons like me who don’t understand how to buy an “unlocked” phone from shady characters on eBay.

I’m the only person I know who is moving backwards on the cool gadget timeline.

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