still no ‘rithmetic

Well, hello. Fancy meeting you here. I’ve been reading instead of writing.

I’ve finished two books this week. The Da Vinci Code was a potboiler that became less entertaining as it went on, mostly because I had already read a lot of books on religion, symbology, cryptography, Da Vinci, and various Church-related conspiracies, and so I figured out nearly everything ahead of time. Still, it is a great book to take with you places when you just need a few pages of “yeah, cool” in between more interesting things.

The Marriage of Sticks, on the other hand, is a phenomenal book, and a quick read, as most Jonathan Carroll stories are. And, like most Jonathan Carroll stories, I cannot say one word about it for fear of giving anything away. But I highly recommend it if you like fiction that has one foot firmly planted in What Is Real while the other foot is conversing in Esperanto with capybaras about the true nature of love.

And now on to Briar Rose, which I know nothing about, and have no idea what it’s doing in my possession, even. I think Darius recommended this to me at one point, but maybe I just clicked on the “add to cart” button on some Borg Bookstore site after a half-bottle of red wine. It seems that I acquire most of my new books in one of these two ways. O, and Brina shoves them at me, too. Anyone? No idea.

Earlier this evening, I was looking for my first LiveJournal mention of Kaiser Permanente, because I had written an ode to it at least two if not three years ago now. This spurred a gentle curiosity about “one year ago today” … and further back. So here is my confused and directionless stumble down Memory Lane:

Five years ago today, my dad and stepmother visited me in Birmingham, Alabama. (Sorry, no link; LiveJournal didn’t exist yet.) I had just entered cognitive-behavioral therapy and was on Zoloft for my panic attacks. I had worked at the medical library at UAB for three years already. My webcam was about to go live.

Four years ago today, I don’t need a journal entry to tell me where and how I was. (And that’s a good thing, because I can’t find any entries from the first half of 02000.) Although things had improved greatly because of the move to San Francisco, the start-up was in real trouble and I was deeply in debt as a result. That and relationship troubles kept me in a near-constant state of distress.

Three years ago today, I realized while visiting my mother in Chicago that my first digital camera was stolen. I was still working at the architectural firm, but would give notice in just another month and leave for Dominican.

Two years ago today, I was in San Diego, helping Tyee and OliverJones plan their wedding ceremony. (Again, no link, as I was blogging elsewhere at the time.) I would soon find out about my father’s impending open-heart surgery.

One year ago today (well, nearly), I had just returned from Europe and I was chased by some dogs just outside my apartment. Last year was nothing if not eventful, in both bad and good ways.

And I cannot forget one major highlight of the past five years: meeting David, whose birthday it is today. Davy, I don’t know what I did to deserve you as my friend, but it must have been really good. From day one – remember playing Cheap Ass games on the ferry and helping Chad move the television? – you were up for anything. Just roll the dice, your whole life says, and let’s see where it goes. I love that and I love you. Happy birthday.

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