Lo, this day hath sucketh mightily. Yea, verily, forsooth. I liked folks’ answers to my Zobmondo question, though. I think I would prefer the crush, but like Ergazork, my default is a sigoth who is also my best friend. Although “best” and “friend” together make me a little annoyed; I don’t like to rank people in my life like that.

Speaking of sigoths and best friends, tonight I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the MSG, who is both a good listener and a good advisor. We talked about my work situation and ways for me to manage it so it doesn’t chew up my sanity and my passion. He says once I’ve decided to do something, it makes the doing of it easy, or at least easier. Maybe I believe that. I want to believe that.

Tomorrow night, the MSG and I will join Brina and David at Ti Couz, one of my favorite restaurants in the City. What I love best about online journaling is that I can write things like this, then link to relevant entries, like the first time I went to Ti Couz. I didn’t write more than a vague “spent time in the City” about the last time I went, even though that was quite an evening, culminating in the MSG getting pushed away from me – by his throat, no less – in a dance club. No assaults tomorrow night, please.

I leave for Seattle early Sunday morning for Josh and September’s wedding, am staying with Jon, and will get to see Kill and another wonderful friend before I return Monday night. I am really looking forward to this mini-vacation to such a great city.

A year ago today, I was in Germany with Scott and my brother and his girlfriend. Although the photos are no longer on the Web, I’m re-reading my travel journal and smiling a lot in remembrance. Here’s hoping I get out of the country again this year; perhaps I’ll be able to go to Edinburgh with my mom for the Fringe Festival, and then I can see FunkyPlaid, Spiffington, Pisica, Gingiber, and all their groovy friends. That would make me so happy.

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