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I have to do this more quickly than I’d like to, because my dad and stepmom have just hit town and I’ll be absorbed in familial visiting for the next few days.

My birthday party last Friday night was a smashing success. Unfortunately, I did not get out of work on time due to … well, work being work. I rushed into the City and arrived a half-hour late. To my surprise, many folks were already there, and I was so happy to see everyone. The MSG did a fantastic job of managing the little details so I didn’t have to worry about a thing and could just relax and enjoy the company of my friends.

It was much louder in Solstice than either the MSG or I had anticipated, so there was no way to play Zobmondo there. There was, however, something I sadly thought wouldn’t be: a birthday cake. The MSG had sneakily ordered a fantastic chocolate-hazelnut tart from this amazing patisserie. On the top of it was written my name and underneath that “… and now you’re even older …” I nearly exploded with happiness. There were candles to blow out and everything! We sang “Happy Birthday” and “Older” too. So many people dropped by to wish me well, and I got some really neat and thoughtful gifts. I had written a poem that I wanted to share with my guests, but since it was too loud inside, I dragged small groups outside to read it to them. I think everyone liked it.

After a while, we decided to head to this club for some dancing. The cover doubled after 23:00, though, so we decided against it (after waiting in line a bit, sigh) and went back to David’s, so there was Zobmondo after all! What a wonderful night. Thank you to , , Andrew, Inkbot, Brina, David, Hawk, , , Ityllux, Ergazork, Wendy, , Heath, and all the non-LJers who celebrated with me.

On Saturday, the MSG and I went to Rainbow instead of the farmer’s market to assemble ingredients for our Valentine’s Day dinner, which consisted of spectacularly good roast chicken, hothothot barely legal mashed potatoes, and beet greens. O, the beet greens. The MSG gave me a beautiful strawberry treat in the shape of a heart from that same amazing patisserie, but we ended up eating that on Sunday instead of Valentine’s Day in favor of really good wine, conversation, and snuggling. My gift for the MSG was an album I compiled with photos of us as well as poems and essays I had written either for or about him, including the offline journal entry I wrote immediately after our first date. He liked that a lot.

Sunday we decided on brunch at Arlequin and then a matinee showing of “The Cooler”, which I had been looking forward to so much. It was vaguely disappointing and unsatisfying, although I think there were some enjoyable moments and good performances. Our evening consisted of “Star Wars: Galaxies” goodness; I played one of the MSG’s characters and we went on a Nightsister raid with his guild. At first, I was really nervous about screwing something up or getting killed, but I got into the swing of it and had a blast. Afterwards, we watched “101 Reykjavik” on DVD, one of the MSG’s favorite movies, which is now one of mine as well.

On Monday, we were domestically productive, cleaning and fixing lights at the top of a very tall and rickety aluminum ladder and chatting all the while. Also, brunch at Boogaloo’s. Mmm, herb cream gravy on biscuits. I got a bit upset early on because of a situation at my apartment, but the MSG was very supportive and gave me some ideas on how to handle it, both externally and internally, so I soon felt much better. We played more SW:G and then I headed home to be ready bright and godawful early for work on Tuesday.

So my dad finally gets to meet the MSG. He’s only been waiting (im)patiently for three months. I’m looking forward to watching my two favorite men discuss politics and sociology … and food, of course. Always the food. The MSG performed a successful foie gras extraction mission from Hunter’s Point yesterday, just for the occasion. He impresses the hell out of me, that one. More each day. He has such a centering and calming effect on me that lately I am much more able to focus on what’s important and what’s enjoyable in my life, while steering clear of most pettiness and melancholy. I knew of the legendary Leo loyalty and protectiveness, but I had no idea that the Lion could also be so generous and selfless. Except when it comes to the last portion of food: the Lion has his limits, after all.

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