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Dear Diary:

Today I was just sitting on the shelf, contemplating how many of those ugly Hello Kitty shower radios have sold since I’ve been here in the Electronics ‘N’ More section of the Novato Target, and then it happened! The day I have been waiting for, since I was just a jumble of transistors and other shiny things!

I was Purchased!

At first, I was a bit skeptical. My Purchaser had a darkened frontal display as she looked at me, and her external configuration was all wrong. Very asymmetrical. And there was a metallic lever on one side of her scent assimilation port that didn’t seem to serve any particular purpose. However, her frontal display went from Dim to Bright when she picked me up and read my Important Features text. Then she shook me a little bit. That made me queasy. I hope she doesn’t do that anymore.

When we got to my Purchaser’s placement matrix, she unpacked me and plugged me in and I gave her a thorough demonstration of my Important Features. My Purchaser is particularly fascinated by my Nap button. She has tried it out several times already.

Well, g2g, my Purchaser is climbing into bed and expects me to perform my Sleep function followed shortly by my Alarm function. I wonder about this They Might Be Giants thing she placed in my compact disc docking station. It looks kind of scary.

Love, Thora the Clock Radio.

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