wifi goodness

The world is largely unimpressed by wifi. I, however, am blown away by the fact that I’m on a T-Mobile HotSpot in a Starbucks a few blocks from the MSG’s workplace and sipping a latte while sitting in an easy chair and chatting on DruidMuck. It’s … full of wifi goodness.

Somehow I survived the week, despite even more apartment trauma on Saturday that resulted in Zen being accidentally locked in the crawlspace under the house. I was in furious tears when I discovered this error on the handyman’s part, and while I realize it was a result of a miscommunication, it really upsets me that my landlady, while sympathetic, is still going to let this guy work on her house.

I was planning on heading to the laundromat after work on Saturday, but by then I was so upset and in need of a hug that I drove to the MSG’s with two baskets of dirty laundry. He made delicious ribs and roasted new potatoes and we tried a bottle of Barefoot Reserve pinot noir that I got for the holidays from one of my favorite library patrons. It was delicious! As the evening progressed, I harassed the MSG repeatedly about the state of his CD collection, which he insisted was quite well-organized, citing LRU (least recently used) as a valid way to organize them. I suggested the Library of Congress classification scheme. Then he started talking about buying an mp3 player.

He’s got to sleep sometime. I mean, sometime when I am not also asleep. Hrm.

We started a game of chess, in which I was considerably less bratty in an attempt to figure out the MSG’s playing style, so he got all bratty, perhaps just to spite me. It’s a snotty little yin-yang we’ve got going here. Chess was abandoned just before endgame in favor of less strategic pursuits, and I can’t say as I’m sorry about that, one bit.

Sunday I woke the MSG up with a nuclear cup of coffee, as I am figuring out the little red plastic sit-on-the-mug coffee maker thing, and added twice as much coffee as I was supposed to. He drank it like a champ. We watched a horrible movie called “The Deep End” that the MSG put on my Netflix queue for reasons he can no longer discern. Then we made breakfast and played SW:G for a while, and went ahead with our “take a bus to Union Square, drink Bloody Marys, then go shopping for clothes” plan.

I can’t tell you how much more palatable Macy’s is while savoring a nice quiet Bloody Mary buzz. Especially since all of the men’s clothing there seems like something just went horribly wrong during the assembly line, like someone affixing buttons to the front of a perfectly nice shirt decided to shoot up Windex and then proceed to affix buttons all over one side, then realize that the buttons did not serve their previous “close the shirt” function and add a really ugly zipper. I mean, come on. Hide the Windex from your slave laborers, please. They really DON’T have anything to live for aside from getting wacky on the factory floor.

The Levi’s store was slightly less annoying, clothing-wise, and slightly more annoying, social-engineering-wise. The dressing rooms are little circular spaces all over the place with 360-degree red curtains that don’t fully close. And there’s a DJ. In the store. What? I felt old. But we succeeded in finding three pairs of jeans and a sweater that fit and were nice-looking and mostly on sale.

Escaping the blatant consumerism that is Union Square, we had yakitori at Hana Zen. After a lovely dinner there – complete with red bean mochi! – we waited for a bus for a while in the night chill, then gave up and took a cab. The cabbie changed the radio station as soon as we got in to KOIT (soft rock with a cheesy love song emphasis) and “Missing You” by John Waite was playing. O how I love that song with a sad, lame little passion. I serenaded the MSG in the backseat of the cab and didn’t stop until he looked sufficiently embarrassed.

The evening ended with “Star Trek: Nemesis” on DVD, which was surprisingly good, although I wanted more Janeway in it. We got to bed fairly early, and set both alarm clocks, but tarried long enough in bed this morning that we ended up rushing to get the MSG to work on time for a meeting. And that brings us to now, or rather the now that it is when I am typing this, which will be posted later because soon I have to kidnap the MSG and take him to lunch with me and my friend Andrew. Mondays off give me the illusion of being a Lady of Leisure, so I am wringing every little bit of enjoyment out of that while I can.

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